Larry M., Importer, Former TESOL Chair-person of the Pronunciation Committee Oregon, USA

I have been enjoying your podcasts. Well done lessons! I have been enjoying the lessons with your company as a way to prepare myself for my next trip back in October. My wife and daughter will be making a trip in the Spring so my wife has been using the lessons to prepare her more for that upcoming trip. So, thank you for the podcasts and the good job of presentation.

As a former language educator, I can see many strong commitments in your lessons to your theory of how second languages are learned in adults. Reaching the learner with contextualized and i+1 content is very important, as I am sure you know… your lessons do a good job on the comprehensible input side of things. It is usually up to the teacher to show the learners the theory of language learning that they, the teachers, believe is best. Actually, you do this already on your podcasts when you explain how the lesson will build on past lessons while introducing some new things to mix in with the old. This is a very i+1 approach… You also have shown that you believe there is variability in language use and that a second language learner needs to be aware of that variability. This is evident in your explaining about the different ways to say the same phrase depending on the area in China of the speaker…

I find that your podcasts are very accessible to me as I have encountered most of the vocabulary many times before. I enjoy the lessons very much because they aren’t a great reach for me. I find because of that I have more attention to work on my tones, which are admittedly very bad.

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