Andrea H., M.A., Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese Language Instructor, Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, Texas

I think Chinese Track is definitely one of the better programs out there. It is a gradual course which takes the learner from total beginner with no previous knowledge, and builds up from there. I used several of the podcasts for a Conversational Chinese course that I taught at our local junior college, and the response from the students was very positive. The methodology is very sound, and the real advantage is that students are not overwhelmed in the beginning, nor are they permanently stuck in a lower level. There’s plenty of review to consolidate what was previously learned, and enough new material to make steady progress.

I really like the variety of speakers, voices and accents, and they don’t speak too quickly for the beginning learner. And providing the free pinyin on the website is a nice feature which nobody else is offering as far as I can tell! I’ll continue to recommend this to my students and to anybody who is interested in learning Chinese. Keep up the great work!

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