How to Use

Here are the steps on how to best use the resources on this website.

1. You can listen to lessons directly from the website, or by downloading them to your mobile device. Absolute beginners should start at lesson one. Otherwise, go through the course outline pages to see what words are taught at each lesson, and continue on from the lesson you feel most comfortable at.

You may choose to follow along with a transcript or just listen alone.

2. After a lesson is complete, go to the vocabulary page to get a summary of the new vocabulary taught in that lesson. Listen to native speakers pronounce each word and record yourself pronouncing the same word. Then compare your sound with that of the native speaker.

View the characters to get a visual representation of the new vocabulary.

3. Try out the various activities that follow each lesson to see if you understand the concepts. Then listen to the exercises where available and submit an answer to the question, for an actual Chinese Track teacher to review and provide feedback. For more practice, try a One on One session with one of our teachers.

From time to time, review the vocabulary you’ve learned up till now in our flashcards tool.

Going through these steps will ensure that you’re progressing through learning Chinese. Each lesson is meticulously prepared to make sure it reviews previously learned vocabulary while teaching a small amount of new material each time. By listening to the lessons, pronouncing the words out aloud and reading the characters in the transcripts, you are using three of your senses in the process, which greatly increases the efficiency of your learning in the long run.