About Us

Adam Kirin  Raphael Luise

Chinese Track (formerly CLO) was launched from Taiwan in September 2006. Since then, our lessons have been downloaded millions of times from thousands of users in almost every country in the world.

Hosts: Adam Menon (Canada), Kirin, Raphael and Luise (Taiwan)

Adam came to Taiwan in 2003 from Canada, to teach English. While here, he tried learning Chinese on the side through various books and online courses. He found that most teaching material was (understandably) designed by native Chinese speakers. However he was frustrated by the approach and techniques used, as how they learned the language as native speakers was different from how he learned the language coming from an English background. He decided to create Chinese Track from the perspective of a native English speaking student – how he wishes he had been taught. Testimonials received show that he was on the right track.

The course is available on this website or via podcast or app format.