John T., Software Developer, United States

I’m still just a couple of days into Chinese Track, but so far you’ve converted me.

Here are the key things I like:

1. Progressive lessons.
2. The transcripts have everything, not just the dialog.
3. In general, the way you organize and teach the lessons is more effective.
4. The choice of subjects is great. I’ve been studying Chinese for over three years already, and the lessons in the first level are filling some major gaps.
If only I had found you 3 years ago!
5. Being able to download zips of everything. (I’ve spent the last few days just downloading with my slow connection. 3.5 gb, my biggest download ever.
I’m amazed I didn’t have a single download problem except for a couple of false starts.)
6. The export mechanism.

I’m sure there’s more I will love as I continue to explore, as it seems you really “get it” about learning Chinese.

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