Dave L., Australia

Hi Adam, Kirin & team,
thank you all! I started learning with Chinese Track (CLO back then) in March 2009 while doing a TESOL course to teach English in China. I have been living & teaching in Yangzhou, Jiangsu since September 2009. While I still class myself as a beginner & still only catch a little of what is said to me, Chinese Track course has done the following: it has given me enough Chinese to at least begin to communicate with people here, few of whom speak English. I can ask prices, buy tickets for long distance buses or trains, ask for directions etc. I have been complimented many times, quite genuinely, on my good pronunciation. Not as a native speaker or speaking correct Mandarin all the time but generally being understood. That is a huge compliment
after only 7 months.

After the disruption of moving & settling in (but also USING Chinese every day!) I am now going to resume the lessons as they are invaluable. Other overseas teachers have been learning but apart from one who has been studying Mandarin at university for 2 or 3 years I am well ahead of the rest so, Thank you Chinese Track.

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