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34 Responses to “CT_002: Greetings”

  1. Fernanda

    Ni hao

    i have a question for you
    wo hen hao- have a change convention to?
    it’s seems like a rising, rising and folling rising tone.
    i think when there is more than one follin rising tone
    always and just the last one sounds like that, and the other
    are always rising, can be that ?

    I hope you undertand my english(i speech spanish)

    …and could answer me please…

    Xiexie ni…and…Zaijian

  2. Hi Fernanda,

    You have good ears! When two falling rising tones are placed together, the first one usually becomes a rising tone to make it easier to say them together. So Ni3 hao3 becomes Ni2 hao3 and Wo3 hen3 hao3 becomes Wo3 hen2 hao3.

    Hope that helps!

  3. the white asian

    hey all you chinese learners and the people responsible for this website. i’ve wanted to learn chinese for such a long time, i’m so ta ma de happy for this site, it makes it so simple to learn and understand and most importantly RETAIN INFORMATION.

    Just sending out a huge thanks to everyone involved and urge all poeple who want to learn, just to give it a shot, take one lesson per day, or one every 2 days. you’ll be fine (“,)

  4. Wei!
    Ni2Hao3 !

    I have started to learn chinese.
    nice site.
    Very helpful and encouraging admin team.
    /just downloaded first lesson here../
    I wouldnt mind spending some buck, if i am promised similar input at higher levels too.!

    Wo xing ‘Bhushan’
    Gao xing.

    • Adam (Admin)

      Hi Nancy,

      The Premium section is the vocabulary, transcript, activity and notes pages for each lesson. You can also find additional premium resources in the “Member Tools” section of the links at the bottom of this page.

      Hope that helps!

  5. fstyles612

    Hey I noticed that when I do the practice test and choose the pronunciation section, there’s no way to differentiate which “Ta” it is asking for me to type. I’m guessing in this case, I should ask for the pinyin to be shown below so I would know which “Ta” to type?

  6. Hello,

    Are we only supposed to learn the characters in the “New Characters” activity? You mention that you will be using characters from previous lessons in new lessons so I want to be prepared. Yet characters like da1/2/3/4 were used in lesson 2 but not featured in the character activity.

    Thank you.

  7. jesand16

    For the flash cards activity, when you choose to listen and write the Chinese characters, you need to mention if you are asking the question about she) 她 or (he)他 or at least give a hint because it sounds similar.

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