Now that you’re all set up to learn new vocabulary every week it is important to find a medium where this can be used. You must have some reason why you decided to pick up learning Chinese. Perhaps you’re fortunate to be living in a Chinese speaking community. Or maybe you’re planning a trip to one. Or maybe you just want to impress that cute new Chinese coworker. Whatever your reason, it is important to start using what we teach you here to take you towards your goals. Find a person you can practice what you learn each day with.

Make a list of all the reasons you have for wanting to learn Chinese. Perhaps you could structure this list into what good things will happen to you if you were able to speak Chinese. Imagine yourself in that situation – having reached your goals. What would it feel like? Now make a list of what would happen if you didn’t reach those goals. What would it be like to be in the same situation but not knowing how to speak Chinese? From time to time when you get frustrated in your learning attempts (a point we all get to at some stage), come back to this list for motivation.

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