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1. Like many words in Chinese, 代表 can be a noun (representation) or verb (to represent). In the sentence 珠穆朗玛峰是他们生活中最大挑战的代表 the literal meaning is “Mount Everest is their life middle biggest challenge representation”, although the English translation uses the verb form “represents”.

2. Note how unlike English, the word 虽然 usually requires a “but” word in front of its next clause. is used for this role in the sentence 虽然过程很累也非常辛苦但这种挑战后成功的感觉.

3. The literal meaning of the sentence 永远都不会忘记 is “forever all won’t forget”. While one might say “will remember it forever”, we wouldn’t normally say (in English) “forever won’t forget”, however this is the form used in Chinese.

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