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1. In this lesson you notice a few examples where characters can be left out of words:

a. 这你不用担心! rather than 这里你不用担心!

b. 每个人学习另一种语言的动机都不同 rather than 每个人学习另外一种语言的动机都不同.

c. 可是我去度假的时候并不会做一些让我觉得头疼或麻烦的事情 rather than 可是我去度假的时候并不会做一些让我觉得头疼或是麻烦的事情.

2. 下去 means “to continue” in 并且有耐心地继续学习下去.

3. Note how one can “receive frustration” in 要是学生在学习的过程中受到很大的挫折大部分的人都很容易选择放弃 or can “feel frustrated” in 在什么情况下会让学生觉得挫折呢

4. by itself has many meanings including “to ask”, as used in 我会找我妈妈请她教我写.

5. 轻松 has a more general meaning in Chinese than English, as seen in 网站里的一些功能可以帮助我们的会员轻松地学习. This sentence can be thought of as meaning “the features on our website can help our subscribers learn in a relaxed manner”.

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