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1. Note how, depending on context, 方法 can mean “method,” “approach,” or just “way of doing something.”



2. 慢走 is a common expression that is used when people are leaving. It is equivalent to saying “Drive safely” in English. It is generally wishing someone a safe trip home.

3. While means “to think,” 想到 can be thought of as meaning “to realize” as in what you were thinking of has now “arrived.”

4. We can see that 应该 which we have seen as meaning “should” in the past, can also mean “probably” as in 他应该是刚搬家没多久 and 所以,这个女生应该是第一次来这个地方.

5. is the measure word used for sentences, as seen in 在这句话里面.

6. The construction “一边 action 一边 action” is used to describe two actions that are performed at the same time, as shown in 这样他可以一边吃饭一边看电视.

7. Both and refer to “again.” However the former is used in sentences that describe the past, such as in 这个女生又问了那个男生一个问题 whereas the latter is used for sentences describing the future such as in 所以她觉得不要再继续问那个男生问题比较好 or even 再见 which literally means “see you again” (in the future).

8. In 那些柜子感觉都是同一种款式, 感觉 refers to the feeling of the sentence. We see a similar usage in 在这个句子里我们可以感觉到那个男生觉得这个女生问的问题太多了. where the feeling of the overall situation is being described.

9. is used as an adverb in 啊,如果他的东西乱放.

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