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7 Responses to “CT_184: New Apartment”

  1. Anthony Blum

    I really liked the format of this lesson. I was actually pretty much able to follow along and understand most of it on just run through. This might have to do with the fact that my pace has slowed down a lot lately because of school (unrelated to Mandarin), or maybe it was just not a particularly difficult episode (though I hope that isn’t the case).

    In the past, I liked the episodes with the format of fast conversation, slow conversation, then explanation, and conversation again, but had problems with the other episodes (that wouldn’t have a premium podcast but instead had notes and tips). I guess that was because they were faster paced with more Chinese, and hence easier to get lost. Anyway, I didn’t feel like that at all on this episode. I think the change in different teaching methods is good. I may find one method more difficult, but I’m sure in getting through it I’m forcing myself to learn that much more.

    Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed CLO. I only wish I had prepaid for a longer membership in the beginning and saved money. I should also probably start using the other features like exercises, etc. Hopefully, I’ll continue to have time to use this great resource, though I might have to suspend/cancel my membership as I’m quite busy this summer. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Anthony. One of the challenges of designing this course is to constantly find ways to “raise the bar” so to speak. The dialogues in level 4 will be of this format. Rather than standard translations, Raphael and Kirin will discuss what is taking place within the dialogue. My voice (English speaker) will be kept to a bare minimum, basically to translate new words. Where possible, Raphael will also try to explain new words in Chinese, to give you a chance to try and figure out in Chinese first before finally hearing the English translation.

    In the earlier levels, we only had the dialogues to learn from. Now however, you can think of these lessons as being extended dialogues since you can also learn and review from the “inner” conversations taking place between the hosts. As always, the complete (translated) transcripts are there as your safety net!

  3. elizabeth_hartridge

    I also really like the format of this lesson. The extended dialogue with the familiar sentences interspersed helps the listener keep up and builds confidence. I have finished my free lessons so now I am going to join up. This course is excellent.

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