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1. The verb is used more often in Chinese than its English counterpart. Take a look at the following examples used in this lesson:


2. is used in 我们都是看到生字才解释 to mean “until” since the explanation isn’t done until we see the words first. It is used in a similar context in 那他们要先加入会员才可以看得到每一课的中文字 where they can’t see Chinese characters until they become a member first.

3. 快到 is used to indicate that something is approaching quickly as seen in 我们已经快到两百课了.

4. is used in 我觉得要把这些单字全部记下来 to indicate a metaphor of “taking” these words and putting them into memory.

5. is used a couple of times in 好,第一个部分就是我们教你们的课 and 就像你们现在听到的. In this context, can be thought of as meaning “precisely.” While we wouldn’t use it this way in English, it is commonly used in Chinese to fine tune the nuance of what you are trying to say.

Later, is used in a different context in 喔,所以如果你加入会员你就可以看得到每一课的中文字. Here the meaning indicates that you can see the Chinese characters “as soon as” you become a member. Similarly we can see its usage again in 所以学生很快就会忘记他们学过的单字 where the students forget the words “soon after” they study them.

6. can be used to say “for example” as in 像现在我们教你们的这一课都是免费的 and 像这一课一样.

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