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You may have noticed that a lot of extra Chinese is being used within the lesson teaching portions. This will continue in level 3 and on. I recommend you first listen to the podcast and try and pick out as much of the meaning as you can. Then refer to the Complete transcripts to pick out the words and phrases that you weren’t able to get using the default Pinyin or Chinese character versions. Once you have understood it all, try translating from English back to Chinese using the English mode with the popup Pinyin translations.

It is important to make sure you can understand all the words and phrases used in the most recent lessons, since future lessons will build off of these. It is necessary to learn this way, since the dialogues alone don’t provide enough practice for different contexts of where vocabulary can be used. You can also use these lessons as reading practice to try reading in Pinyin or Chinese characters either alone or with the accompanying audio. In the past, our teaching methods have adapted from teaching around dialogues, to adding review audio podcasts, to adding video to now using Chinese within the teaching. Expect to see us adapt to other teaching methods in future lessons and future levels to give you new ways to absorb the material at hand.

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