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8 Responses to “CT_124: Self Introduction”

  1. Chris Hal

    I like the increasing use of Chinese 🙂

    Are these Taiwan pronunciations?
    ya3zhou1 (Taiwan?) as opposed to ya4zhou1
    gu3ji1 (Taiwan?) as opposed to gu3ji4

    Also should zhao4dao4 not be zhao3dao4 ?

    I don’t mind Taiwanese, in fact I like the fact that you feature a number of different voices (enables better calibration of my Mandarin filters ;)).

  2. Hello Chris,

    I checked with my speakers and you’re right – the examples you gave seem to be pronounced slightly differently in Taiwan. Some of these variations extend to parts of Mainland China as well, so like you said, if you have the opportunity to listen to different speakers that probably helps.

  3. rtowner

    Just a pedantic nit-picking comment. Towards the end of the lesson, Kirin says Raphael will introduce himself using normal speed speech. She says ‘zi wo’ but should that not be ‘zi ta’ in the context of talking about another person?

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