Premium notes reorganized

I’m happy to say that the shift from PDF to web content is now complete.  The notes and questions that were formerly available in PDF format have now been separated into the Vocabulary and Notes links.  There have been a few questions as to why this shift was necessary so I’ll address them briefly here.  As always, I welcome your comments!

  1. The main attraction to the PDF format was being able to print the notes and take them with you.  This can now be accomplished by the “Print this Page” link at the bottom of every page.
  2. The PDF notes were regarded as being too “busy” since they included Simplified and Traditional Characters.  However, research from you the users has indicated that most of you are either interested in on or the other (or neither!) as far as Chinese characters go, so this content has now been separated in the Vocabulary section into Pinyin, Simplified and Traditional versions.
  3. Since these notes were meant to help you review the material, I am now making extensive use of the “Mouse-over” feature to allow you to test your retention before moving the mouse pointer over the words to reveal the answer.

It’s very important for me that as I move forward, I don’t take any steps back, so if there’s something I’m missing here, please let me know.  As well, since this site now contains well over 350 pages of content that were mostly individually typed, please let me know if you spot any typos or mistakes.

The video links have been moved into the Vocabulary sections of each lesson (where applicable) to allow you to follow along with the transcript while watching the video.

If you have any other suggestions on what I can do to improve your learning experience, please continue to send in your comments and feedback as it’s been extremely useful so far.

There are more goodies planned for December so stay tuned to this blog for all the latest site developments.

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