Lesson 044 Updated

There’s been a minor update to Lesson 044. Thanks to Anthony for pointing it out to me. I had originally translated “Yǒu, yīgè érzi háiyǒu liǎnggè nǚér” (from Lesson 11) as “I have one son and one daughter” when it should in fact have been “I have a son and two daughters.” This has since been updated in the audio and the word for word transcript.

As well, thanks to Andrea (yet again) for pointing out the rules for the pronunciation of yī. When it precedes a falling tone, the tone changes to yì. So all the “yīzhī” references in the transcripts have since been changed to “yìzhī.” It’s a very fine difference between the two if you listen to the speakers, but it’s worth noting nonetheless.

Thanks again for all those who send comments as it really helps me fine tune this program for you.

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