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Animal Sounds in Chinese

嗷呜 [áowū tiger

呱呱 [guāguā] is aFrog.

哞 [mōu] is a Cow.

喔喔喔 [wōwōwō] is aRooster.

喵喵 [miāomiāo] is a Cat.

嗡嗡 [wēngwēng] is aBee.

哼哼 [hēnghēng] is a Pig

汪汪 [wāngwāng] is aDog.

叽叽喳喳 [jījizhāzhā] is a Bird.

吱吱 [zhīzhī] is a Mouse.

a dog says 汪汪 [wāngwāng]
a bee says 嗡嗡 [wēngwēng]
a frog says 呱呱 [guāguā] (ducks say this too)
a sheep says 咩咩 [miēmiē]
a bird says 叽叽喳喳 [jījizhāzhā]
a cat says 喵喵 [miāomiāo]
a cow says 哞 [mōu]
a pig says 哼哼 [hēnghēng]
a tiger says 嗷呜 [áowū] (other roaring animals say this too)
a mouse says 吱吱 [zhīzhī]
a snake says 嘶嘶 [sīsī]
a rooster says 喔喔喔 [wōwōwō]
a cricket says 蛐蛐 [qūqū]