Lessons 32 and 36

These two lessons were both updated to correct some misinformation.

32. There was a mistake in the original lesson as sāichē was originally taught as sàichē. Check the transcript in your lesson. If it has sàichē, then please redownload the lesson.

36. There was a mistake in the original lesson as jiùde was originally taught as jiǔde.  The easiest way to check if you have the updated lesson is to look at the length of the file.  If your file length is 11:00 please redownload the lesson as the new lesson is now 10:44.

In cases, where a major update in a lesson was made as in the above, there will be a message in the Comments section of that lesson (as there is now).  From time to time, we may make minor updates to lessons without changing the content.  In those cases, the updates will be mentioned here but not in the comments section.
Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience!

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