Lessons 32 to 35 Updated

We’ve had a lot of feedback regarding the use of Chinese within the lessons from Lesson 30 on. For many of you it was too much. We’ve taken a long look at it and asked Heidi to slow down her rate of speech to make it easier to understand. Lessons 32 to 35 have been updated with Heidi’s lines made slower. The content of the lesson and transcript remains the same.

This approach we’re using is similar to how children learn their native language. When the same thing is said to them over and over, it eventually sinks in. So we’re hoping that by using the same teaching language in each lesson, it will slowly start to sink in. If ever in doubt, please refer to the Complete word for word transcripts that translate the extra Chinese thrown in there. Once you’re used to the current level of Chinese within the lesson, expect more to be introduced until eventually we should be able to use Chinese for most of the lesson!

Please continue to send in your comments as it really helps us improve the course for you.

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