Level 2

The Premium content for Level 2 is now available. I will keep the first few lessons free just like I did with Level 1 to give everyone an idea of what format I will be using. Premium subscribers can use the player on the main page of the site to listen to or download the content. I will try and work on a Premium podcast feed so that you don’t have to come to the website to get it.

Update: Since I couldn’t get the Premium feed working, I’ve removed it from the main page and left it in the level 2 page.  I’ve kept it outside the Premium Podcast page to allow you to listen to it first before viewing the transcript.

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  1. Hi Bazza,

    I have certainly considered expanding beyond Mandarin into other areas. However my commitment right now is towards improving and expanding the content available within my current site. I have lots of plans for this site for the future that I would like to get to and until I am at that level I don’t think it is wise for me to expand beyond my current area of expertise.

    Keep the ideas coming though…


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