Improved Premium Access

In my never ending quest to improve usability, I’ve added direct links to the Premium pages for each lesson from the main page.  Like in Level One, the first four lessons of Level Two are free for everyone.

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  1. I’m surprised nobody has commented on this yet. Your work navigation has made it a lot easier to study here. Being able to move from one lesson to another in the premium section, without changing the selected presentation (pinyin, hanzi, etc), is my favourite. Or was. Going straight there from the main page is a nice surprise too. Thanks for all the work you’ve put in recently.

    Of course there’s still a couple of items on my personal wish list, but we all use the site differently and it would be too cluttered if everything linked to everywhere! I use a bookmark to get to the blog, and find it quickest to type in the URL if I need to go straight to the traditional characters page for a lesson. Because you’ve chosen URLs that a concise logical and descriptive, it’s very easy to get to any part of any lesson by typing or changing the URL, if you’re that kind of computer user.

    I guess you can take the silence on this topic to mean that everyone’s at least reasonably happy about the changes.

  2. Thanks Parrot. There is still a lot of work left to do – so I have to balance my time between improving existing features while adding new ones. I’ve made progress today on getting a premium feed going meaning you’ll be able to get the Premium Lesson reviews delivered directly to you without having to come to the site. More info will be provided on that soon.

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