CLO iPhone / iPod Touch App Now Available

I’m happy to announce that the app version of our CLO course is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch users on the app store. You can download it for free, to try out the first 3 lessons of the course. Additional lessons can be purchased from inside the app.

This current version lets you purchase up to the first 20 lessons of our course. We will be adding more lessons as there is demand for them. Each lesson includes the following:

– Full audio of lesson with volume and scrub controls
– Complete transcript with Chinese characters
– Vocabulary quiz
– Vocabulary flashcards
– Video recap

There is full support for pinyin, simplified and traditional characters. Try it out and let me know what you think. We also plan an iPad version, that will be available as a free update in the future.

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  1. Hi Charlotte,

    We decided to replace the videos with a new character stroke order feature. The initial feedback from users was that while the videos were nice, they didn’t add enough to the learning and took up too much space, especially if you purchased all the current and future lesson packs.

    If you like the video format I could see if we can post them elsewhere for you? (We only did lessons 1 to 20 though).


  2. Charlotte

    I actually really liked the videos for brief recaps of the lessons if you dont have much time.
    I will watch them all nostagically on the weekend and then say goodbuy when I download the updated version. The videos are mostly useful if on the iPod, so never mind about sending them, but thanks for the offer.
    Probably I will love the character stroke feature even more!

  3. Hi, I downloaded the app for my iPad and bought the lessons, which are fantastic. However, I have now acquired an iPhone and when I installed the app, it wants me to buy the same lessons again. How can I avoid this and share the lessons between my iPhone and iPad?

  4. In response to the above 2 comments:

    1. If you’ve purchased lessons from the iPhone app before, then when you try to purchase them again (due to reinstall), as long as you use the same iTunes account as before, it will inform you that you have already purchased them, and then give you the option to download them again for free. This way you can even install the same app on multiple devices for a single price, as long as you’re using the same iTunes account.

    2. I do plan to release level 2 lessons and have an iPad app, hopefully later this year. Unfortunately the app purchases will remain separate from the CLO subscription as app purchases have to go through Apple.

  5. Good afternoon Adam! Congratulations! I have been listening to your course the last couple of weeks on my iPhone…I have already listened to number 100, and I have just bought the last 20 (that makes 120)…please…When will be available level 3 in the AppStore?!! I need it in a month…! That’s what it will take me to listen to the last 20 and review both levels again…please I need them! I spend at least two hours daily learning where ever I am (in the car, while eating, etc!).
    Thanks a lot! I would have never thought that learning Chinese could be so easy and fast!
    Best regards for all you, including Kirin and Raphael!

  6. Hello again Adam! Sorry bothering you, but I have already finished both levels (I know all the words thanks to the flash cards and I have almost memorised the dialogues)….and I am able to understand a lot of the cartoons in Chinese (Peppa Pig 🙂 )
    Please, do you know when it will available level 3 in the iPhone? I have tried the web page, but I need it in the iPhone, so I can listen to it at any moment, reading the text at the same time and using the flash cards to help me memorise the new words wherever I am.
    Please let me know if it will available any time soon, so I can start looking for other options to advance in my Chinese in case is not worth it for you (I understand it is difficult with little demand).
    Thank you very much, and congratulations again for such a good work!

  7. Hi Tomás,

    Congrats on completing levels 1 and 2! We do plan to add levels 3 and beyond, but that won’t be till the new year, as we are currently working on the Android version of the app.

    However, we recently made changes to the site, so you can actually access lessons and most activities from your iOS devices. Hope that helps!


  8. Hello Adam,
    first, thanks so much for CLO. I have done just up to level 10 but it is great and my Chinese friends and colleguages notice my progress, even if it still in the beginner stage.
    I need to request some help. I download levels 11-15 on my iPad over a week ago. I also own an iPhone 4S but I can’t get levels 11-15, it requests that I buy the levels again. It’s the same apple account so I’m not sure what the issue is. Any help is appreciated

  9. Hi Matt,

    No worries. As long as you attempt to make the purchase again using the same account that you used before, when you try to do so, iTunes will inform you that that item has already been purchased before, then give you the option to download it again for free.

    iTunes doesn’t let you make duplicate purchases using the same account.

    Hope that helps!

  10. Hi Glyn,

    At the moment, the iPad/iPhone version is sold separately from the online version, as Apple requires purchases to go through them.

    The online version though does offer a lot more content and exercises than the mobile version.



  11. I purchased all the lessons which I access from my MacBook and I also can listen to them on my iPhone. Unfortunately after downloading the CLO app I’m still unable to view the lessons in text form that appears possible only by paying for the lessons a second time, which seems unreasonable. Can you please advise if this is correct or is there some way that I can access the lessons in this way without having to pay again?

    Kind regards


  12. Hi Geoff,

    Unfortunately we cannot combine app purchases with site purchases, as Apple requires app purchases to go through them. You should be able to sync lesson MP3s purchased on the site to your iPhone though.

    Let me know if you would like detailed instructions on how to do so.

  13. Hi Adam, no worries, thanks for replying to me. I’m quite interested in the CLO app function on my iPhone in addition to the online lessons already subscribed to. If I purchase any of the lessons for the app, is this an annual subscription fee or do you get to keep the lessons once paid for once?

    Kind regards


  14. Hi Geoff,

    I’m in the process of reducing prices on the lesson purchases in the App Store. This requires submitting an update to Apple though, as the current prices are hard coded into the current version. Hopefully the new prices will show in the next week or two.

    Regarding purchasing the lessons from the site, they are a one time purchase. Your access expires after a month, but should you require access to them again in the future (in case you delete the ones you downloaded before), I can re-enable them for you.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

  15. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the update. I will most certainly be purchasing some of the CLO app lessons, as soon as you have completed the pricing review. The online lessons are fantastic, particularly with all the various options available to learn from. The CLO app is going to be a great additional tool to accompany me when traveling and help fill in the many hours on flights between Australia and China.

    Kind regards


  16. Hello Adam, remember me? I’m still improving my Chinese using other apps in the AppStore. But I am still really interested in CLO…will you release levels 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 anytime soon?

    Thanks a lot, best regards. Tomas

    • Adam (Admin)

      There isn’t an iPad version at the moment. However the iPhone version should work.

      Regarding logging in, this requires credits for CLO subscribers to work. Please email me and I can check your account to set it up.

  17. Dear Adam. I have the same problem as DaisyCharles. When I try to log into the website via the app it crashes. Can you please help? Also, any update on when levels 3 and 4 will be available in the app? I love your course and am really looking forward to it being available. Thanks. Stuart

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