Viravadee C., Management Consultant, Business Owner, Bangkok, Thailand

Wow, such a great way to learn mandarin.

I have been taking a formal Mandarin class for a few months, and I am currently using your course as an add-on to my formal Mandarin class. And I have found that your program really helps me a great deal. I am learning faster than ever!

1. I have found that the best way to learn a new language fast is to focus on listening and speaking. While my formal class focuses on speaking and writing, your podcast program really helps me with my listening skills. It’s a really great combination.

2. Your being very systematic and organized really makes it easy to follow through the lessons.
* The way you structure your class is excellent! I really like the way you gradually build up the dialogue from class to class. (This is infact, the main reason I subscribe to your site.) As such, listening to a phrase or a conversation (over and over and over again) makes me remember a new vocab better than remembering a word without a context or just reading the books. I usually listen to each class more than once just to get the phrases into my head.
* Also I appreciate you trying to show us different accents and phrases from each region. (e.g.Taiwan..vs.. mainland.). Its very useful.
* Also, your website is easy to navigate and very simple and clean. (There is no need to fancy it up. Simplicity sells.)
* SO Please continue to be simple, organized and effective!

Thank you again for such a wonderful job. I really appreciate your efforts. You really make my learning experience a lot nicer. Keep up the good work!

Chinese Track ROCKS!

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