Scott C., United Kingdom

I first sampled this site by listening and learning through the non-premium feeds, and i learnt so much just through that, now i am premium subscriber, my learning has now rocketed. Your user friendly and cheerful mid lesson banter adds a more approachable feeling to learning, making a difficult language not such daunting task to do.

After checking out the first 2-3 lessons, i developed an instant interest in what your site has to offer, i then sampled more of the non-premium lessons, then finally decided to apply for the premium package, so i consider myself lucky that i found a perfect learning site without having to wade through any other sites that could knock my interest back a few steps with excessively difficult high tier business level learning.

In terms of directing the course better, i have no issues at all with your lessons, you come across as easy going and friendly towards the listener, and add different speakers to the courses, while covering topics are easily applicable to everyday friendly chit chat to friends or even strangers, thus giving us listeners more confidence, because if you was to ever to get me to speak a word in chinese to anyone, chances where id make you wait about 2 hours so i can overcome my embaressment before muttering a few words under my breath, now after your course, i feel more confident and have shown my competence thus far to my chinese friends, and they all seem pretty impressed, i also showed your site to them, and they also believe your site could render an opposite course effect by helping chinese speakers learn english also, maybe thats another intention you have, maybe not, but either way, its very clever of you. My kindest gratitude to all on the team for this superb course.

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