Robert B, Austria

I just purchased a one-month subscription to your site because I wanted to see how it works;-) I must say that I have already tried out some other sites (which you probably know;-) but so far I like your site best (even though I have not tried out yet many options in the premium section). I listened to the first 10 lessons before I decided to subscribe and I really liked the way you present the study material.

By the way, when I explored some of your premium feeds I was almost blown away by the massive amount of study material and its quality. I am planning on going to China next year in October and I would love to be able to speak some Chinese before I do. I hope your site can help me with it. Well, enough said now;-)

I tried to study Chinese before, but I’d like to start with your site right from the beginning again because I really like the way you present the material. I’m somewhat of a language professional myself even though I am not teaching. I work as a freelance interpreter and translator, amongst other things for the UN and the EU, with my working languages being English, Italian, French, and Spanish (and German, of course). I also studied Russian and Japanese. But I must say, so far I have never come across a site that offered as much interesting learning material as your site. I’m a language addict and finding your site was like hitting a hidden treasure to me:-)

I still need to learn how to get the most out of it. This is also the reason why for the time being I just signed up for a monthly subscription. If I feel that I can really make use of all your material I might decide to subscribe on a yearly basis.

One of the most exciting features to me is the one where you can record answers to short questions and send them in. If I understood your explanations correctly my recording is then checked by some of your teachers and I get a feedback from them. If that is true, that’s just awesome:-) That would be really interactive:-)

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