Johannes H., Munich, Germany

Starting with your lesson 001 presently I am following lessons 80 to 90.

My learning procedure (for the time being on PC only)
– listen the vocabulary (at Pinyin mode, fast dialog)
– listen the vocabulary (at Pinyin mode, Kirin)
– listen the vocabulary and try to read Simplified mode ( fast dialog)
– if necessary: listen single lines and try to learn by heart

– listen (and read) Complete Lesson, especially for additional explanations and background information.
– listen and answer Premium podcast

For my learning, the most useful Features are the Premium Podcasts. Being forced to check the active vocabulary and translate sentences into Chinese brings the best progress to me. I even would like to have such features become more extensive and maybe already included in the “Vocabulary.” I am looking forward to progress to lesson 116, because from there on all features are also available in Simplified Hanzi.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and best wishes for the further success with this helpful program.

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