Jan K., Statistical Consultant, United States

This course is a fabulous way to learn a language. Adam is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher who has used his computer programming skills to present an entertaining and reasonably priced course. He has truly leveraged the internet to present a variety of teaching aids, such as being able to choose translations, Chinese characters, or pinyin – with a mouse over effect of getting 2 of the 3 possibilities. So if you choose Chinese characters, placing the mouse over the characters will provide pinyin as a highlighted callout below the Chinese characters. This allows one to practice reading Chinese characters with a quick pinyin translation if you get stuck. Adam has thought of things that are important and made adjustments to suggestions. One feature that I like is that one can easily increase the size of the Chinese characters. I also find useful the premium podcast reviews. I have tried other methods but this method is by far the best. I have even put the website on my cell phone!

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