Graham S., Locum Pharmacist, Yorkshire, England

Just thought I’d drop another line to say that I think Chinese Track is the best!  When I first started on Level 4 it was a bit of a shock having many more lessons without “set pieces” and english guidance….you see, I listen to the podcasts going to and from work, and trying to make sense of the explanations given in chinese was a bit dangerous, to say the least ( particularly when I had to keep refering to the english transcripts, Haha ). But now I’m getting used to it…there is so much repetition that my understanding is becoming more “instinctive”, and I’m preparing for each lesson in advance now. I think the Level 4 method is a good way forward ! I was thinking I might have to buy a new vehicle with automatic transmission for a while, but I’m no longer a danger to other motorists and little old ladies.  🙂

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