Gary S., Teacher, Taipei, Taiwan

I checked out your site recently and saw the site was on level 3. I tried out the premium features and found them quite useful. Kirin and Rapheal are also fantastic. They speak very clearly. I’m listening to your podcast when I’m on the run, walking around town, on the MRT, Bus, etc.

I’m looking forward to level 4. I think you all did a wonderful job on the level three lessons. The audio is clear, the native speakers are excellent, and the content is VERY well managed. I really like the way that you alternate between dialogs (which you break down and slow down) and full conversations between Kirin and Raphael. The way you’ve slowly weaned out the English and explain everything in simple Chinese is wonderful. It’s really great to get a solid 10 minutes of Chinese without having to flip back into “English Mode” all the time. I’ve been recommending the podcast to everyone I know who’s trying to learn Chinese. In level four it would be great to see even more of that in the premium podcasts. For instance asking the listeners to give you a sentence with the opposite meaning of Chinese sentence, etc…

For the past couple of months I’ve just been listening to the 2 podcasts. I often hit the site while I’m waiting for the bus and read a quick couple of lessons. Great little gadget 🙂

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