Anesia R., Communications Manager, Ministry of Tourism, Youth and Sport, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

My name is Anesia and I am a participant in Taiwan ICDF workshop on Community development and the Tourism Industry. Today, I’m writing to you to thank you for your site where one can learn chinese. A friend from St. Vincent introduced me to it while I was at home because I wanted to be able to say a few words in mandarin while here in Taiwan.

Well, I can truly say that your site has helped me. I don’t know a lot of chinese but my pronounciation seems to be spot on! At least, these are the comments I get from the Taiwanese every time I say something in Chinese. recently, each participant had to give a country report and I thought it would be a good idea to introuce myself-my name, say hello and my nationality in all 4 main languages represented among us: Mandarin, Spanish, French and English. I did it and was met with a big applause from the Taiwanese. Now, I know they are often happy to hear even just a small word in Mandarin but it was more than that for me. They told me on more than one occassions now that my pronounciation was very good and wanted to know where I had learnt Mandarin. I was happy to tell them about your site.

I’m so busy at work that I didn’t have alot of time to learn Mandarin from your site but I put alot of effort in when I did go through the lessons. So once again Adam, thank you! And may God continue to help you as you seek to help others develop their Mandarin speaking skills.

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