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1. 课程 can refer to a course in general or a specific lesson (as determined by context). We see Raphael use it in the line 在今天的课程中我们要讨论教中文的方法.

2. We have introduced the word before in lesson 213, however it is used in a different manner in 可以帮助你们把中文最难的部分弄得更清楚. Here it is used in a “do / make” context.

3. Note the sentence pattern being used in: 这样你们可以一边听,一边看. It literally means “This way you can one side listen, one side look.”

4. Note the expanded usage of 对…来说 in:

a. 所以对很多母语是英文的人来说学中文真的很难.
b. 我觉得对练习看中文字来说这是一个很棒的方法.

5. Note the use of in the following sentences:

a. 你们可以先用这个功能把自己的声音录下来. Here the 下来 suggests “recording the voice down”.
b. 把你们自己的想法跟意思说出来. Here, the 出来 suggests expressing the thoughts in an outward manner.

6. Note the ways to change express change using :

a. 你们听力的部分应该可以变得比较好.
b. 如果我们的网站变得很无聊
c. 让我们网站里的一些学习系统变得更好.


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