When I was living in Taiwan I met many people there with an excellent command of written English. However the problem was they couldn’t speak to me! What was the point of learning all that English if they didn’t have the courage or the experience to actually use it in a simple conversation? Well don’t let that happen to you. The more you try and practice what you’re learning here in real world conversation the better you’ll become. You learned how to say “I can speak a little Chinese today.” Start telling that to everyone you meet. In everyday conversation you don’t have to time to think and analyze each word that is coming your way – you just have to respond. Those reflex answers will come to you with enough practice so keep at it!

Find motivation around you. Maybe there’s someone else you know who learned Chinese and you wish you could be like them. Use them as your motivation – have some friendly competition – try to get your Chinese to their level or better! Or maybe there’s someone you don’t like and you’d really like to show them off by being able to speak better Chinese than them! That could work too (just keep the gloves off).

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