Many adjectives like also function as verbs, so the verb is not used as often in Chinese as the verb “to be” is used in English. Most of the times it is used when you have a statement of the form A=B (e.g. 我是 Adam).

Some countries have alternate names in Chinese just like they may have in English (e.g. Britain / England, Holland / the Netherlands etc.)

In general, nationalities can be derived from countries by adding a at the end of the country.

E.g. 印度 becomes 印度人

Similarly, languages are also derived from the names of countries but in different ways:

• By adding a after the name of the country.
E.g. 西班牙 becomes 西班牙文
• By adding a after the first character in the name of the country
E.g. 日本 becomes 日文
• In some cases you will see being used in place of
E.g. 台湾 becomes 台语

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