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20 Responses to “CT_063: Introductions II”

  1. In case you didn’t understand this comment, here’s a translation: “Is there anyone who can use Chinese to write to me? My English isn’t very good. Can you teach me English? My email is SafetyBar[at]gmail[dot]com. If someone out there wants to learn Chinese please email me.”

  2. Oh, I get it. This lesson was on self introductions so now you’re posting your self introductions here in Chinese. What a great idea! I’ll add my 2 cents:

    Nǐ hǎo, wǒ shì Adam. Wǒ shì Jiānádàrén. Wǒ zài Taiwan xué Zhōngwén sān nián le. Xièxie nǐmen láidào wǒde wǎng zhàn (website).


    The rest of you: I expect to see your self introductions posted here as part of your homework assignment. 😉

  3. Here is my attempt at extra credit (hope it makes sense).

    宇文泽曦先生,现在我的汉字没用。 我需要加油开始以前能用汉字。 在未来也许。 过一会儿呢? 回头见。

    (Yǔwénzéxī xiānsheng ,xiànzài wǒ de hànzì méiyòng 。 wǒ xūyào jīayóu kāishǐyǐqián něngyòng hànzì 。 Zàiwèilái yěxǔ 。 Guòyìhuǐr ne ? Huítóujiàn 。)

  4. justinwunda

    Hi Adam, in the review audio for this lesson, there is a banging noise in between all of the speech, i find it really annoying and distracting… I know we should be able to cope with distractions by now but if you can whip up a quick edit of the review audio it would be much appreciated. Thanks 🙂

      • justinwunda

        Hi Adam, thats heaps better. I’m noticing a lot of the audio created at around this time has looping background noises in between the speech – I’m guessing this is coming from copy/pasting what seem to be portions of silence to create gaps, but that aren’t actually silent. It’s not usually too bad though, so thanks for fixing this one!

  5. justinwunda

    Hi Adam, sorry to be a pain, i’m having trouble with this one from the sentence builder


    I can’t make head nor tail of the meaning… thank you!! Sorry again

    • Adam (Admin)

      I don’t see this sentence in this lesson’s sentence builder?

      要回台湾的时候: When (I) return to Taiwan
      泰国的朋友: (My) Thai friends
      跟我说再会: Say goodbye to me

      Since the pronouns are assumed, it could also mean “When they return to Taiwan, my Thai friends say goodbye to me.” (Not sure why your Thai friends are going back to Taiwan though).

      • justinwunda

        My apologies, I meant “fill in the blanks” not sentence builder. Number 7 – 要 回 台湾 的 时候 泰国 的 朋友 跟 我 说 再会

        I’m thinking now that it was either meant to be both taiwan or thailand, not one or the other. Ta 🙂

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