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    Adam (Admin)

    Hi I’m Adam, the host of this site.

    I came to Taiwan in 2003 to teach English for a year or two. 12 years later, I’m still here. Although I’m now joined by my Taiwanese wife, along with 2 small kids.


    One of the reasons I chose Taiwan was because I thought Mandarin Chinese would be a good second language to learn.

    As I tried learning, I found that most of the resources available to learn Chinese were developed by native Chinese speakers (which makes sense!). However how they learned the language was different from how native English speakers would learn it.

    I kept thinking that if I was to teach the language, I would do it differently.

    So that’s what led me to create CLO – the Chinese language course I wish I had from the start!

    I’d love to learn about you, where you’re from and why you’re learning Chinese.


    Hi I am Luis.

    I live in Caracas Venezuela, I am Mechanical Engineer, one day I was searching for some information at internet and for some reason there was a page that call my attention, it said The forbidden city, so I proceed to find out what it is about, after reading the information, at the end of the page there was a link to 10 free lesson of mandarin chine, i did the 10 lesson and start to find way to improve my Chinese knowledge, some time at internet Chino-China, then I decided to get more serious about this new challenge so I register at “Universidad Central de Venezuela”, Language extension, Program was base in a text book title “EL CHINO DE HOY” 今日汉语 the program was divided in three main sections I completed 2 of them after that there were no more classmate to open the next stage, I was alone, so hire my Chinese professor for privet classes, but because of my work it was to difficult to keep on a schedule, so started to find some more flexible solution on the net, that is the way a found The University of IOWA Chinese Program, Chinese reading world, and after that CLO.

    I want to include a picture of my family but I don’t know how to do it.

    Adam (Admin)

    Hi Luis,

    Thank you for your post. I believe if you click the “img” button on top, it lets you post an image, if you have the URL (web address) for it.

    That’s a great story. So an article about the Forbidden city, followed by an introductory course in Chinese got you interested in learning the language.

    I should market CLO that way too!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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