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Because of the uni work I did, my reading and writing skills of characters is way better than my ability to listen and talk.
I practise all the characters on the ‘new’ and ‘all’ sheets. Even the ones I have previously learnt, I needed to revise.
For the first few hundred lessons, I used to take dictation from each of the CLO dialogues. Back then, I felt I hadn’t finished a lesson until I could write it out from the audio. I loved doing that, it was a great way to make sure I hadn’t missed a thing in the lesson. However, it takes a lot of time, and I realised that I needed to listen to more, and leave the writing until my listening skills had improved. Of course I read all the time, and I read out aloud when I can. As I said, speaking along with the dialouge is really helping.
Another feature I use a lot is the line order animations, because I’m always clicking on a word that takes me to the dictionary, and from there I can see the character being written.