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Hello Adam.
Over the years that I’ve been learning from CLO I’ve changed my methods of working through each lesson. There are so many options!
I decide that I have finished with a lesson when I can listen to the dialogue and pretty much understand it all from just listening. It takes a lot of work to get that far though. I work with the printed characters in front of me, and the pinyin on the screen where I can quickly see the English with the mouse over. And from the pinyin page it’s only one click to look up a whole word.
I use Audacity to listen to the script, and I can scroll the browser page with the lesson that shows behind Audacity’s window, so it works quite well. I listen to small snippets at a time until I can say it along with the dialogue (shadowing). I try to learn the phrases off by heart, but I find them difficult to remember of course. I really should take the opportunity you offer to speak to teachers, but I don’t have a good enough internet connection 🙁
I used to do all the activities at the end of each lesson, and found them very helpful for checking I hadn’t missed any thing. Now I usually only do the sentence building activity, but only because I don’t have as much time, and I can’t wait to get onto the next lesson.