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Hi I am Luis.

I live in Caracas Venezuela, I am Mechanical Engineer, one day I was searching for some information at internet and for some reason there was a page that call my attention, it said The forbidden city, so I proceed to find out what it is about, after reading the information, at the end of the page there was a link to 10 free lesson of mandarin chine, i did the 10 lesson and start to find way to improve my Chinese knowledge, some time at internet Chino-China, then I decided to get more serious about this new challenge so I register at “Universidad Central de Venezuela”, Language extension, Program was base in a text book title “EL CHINO DE HOY” 今日汉语 the program was divided in three main sections I completed 2 of them after that there were no more classmate to open the next stage, I was alone, so hire my Chinese professor for privet classes, but because of my work it was to difficult to keep on a schedule, so started to find some more flexible solution on the net, that is the way a found The University of IOWA Chinese Program, Chinese reading world, and after that CLO.

I want to include a picture of my family but I don’t know how to do it.