Various Updates

Here is an update on a few different fronts:

1. The new version of the CLO site is coming along slowly and surely, with several premium users currently using it regularly. The delay has been in matching up new features and design with the current version of the site. The goal is to be able to add features and usability without removing anything from the current site experience that users enjoy. in the process. This is a delicate balance as some new features had to be nixed, while options were added for others to allow users the choice of old versus new. If you’re an existing premium subscriber and would like access, then please let me know.

2. I’m hoping to be able to submit the CLO iPhone app to Apple in the next 2 weeks. Parts of the app had to be rewritten to support a much improved usability design, so I think the delay will be worth it. The app will be a free app with the first 3 lessons included. If you like the format, you can then purchase additional lessons in packages of 5 lesson for $5. The app is completely self contained and so does not require a subscription to the site or even internet to use. The first 20 lessons of the course will be available on release. We will then release additional lessons on demand.

3. There is a Spanish version of CLO that is being worked on. The first 30 lessons of CLO should be available upon release. We will then release additional lessons on demand.

All 3 projects have taken a lot longer to complete than originally expected, but I’m very happy with the results so far.

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  1. Hi Ronan,

    The first version of the app will have batches of lessons available for purchase up to lesson 20. It may be some time before we have upper level content as we’ll be working our way up from the bottom. I can see us having all the content from level 1 for sure. Beyond that would depend on demand from users, so let’s see!

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