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The Word bank page is now available for you to preview at

Currently only the first few lessons are present but over time I will be updating it with all the lesson material. Non subscribers can view the first four lessons while Premium subscribers will have access to all lessons (when available) by logging in. Your comments and feedback are most welcome.

Premium subscribers may also notice that the Vocabulary page for the latest lesson now utilizes the new format that I mentioned in my last post. Hopefully you’ll find this more efficient as it combines 3 pages into 1. Note though that future lessons will now use the URL structure: rather than separating the pinyin, simplified and traditional pages like before.

Update: I’ve gone back to the old system of lesson-xxx-pinyin for the main vocabulary page to keep everything consistent so ignore the mention above of the “vocabulary” extension.

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  1. The word bank is now the most valuable resource on this site!

    I can view all the characters on my Mac but sometimes on posts and other websites the font is unrecognized. If anyone knows an add-on to solve this, please let me know. Obviously the font isn’t included in OSX.

  2. In addition to all the neat ways you can search, such as by clicking on a pinyin word, I just discovered that you can enter a question mark (?) into the search field for pinyin or characters and it will return all the question words and sentences, even if their categorized “type” is something else. I guess the same would be true for words and sentences with exclamation marks, etc. Nice, unexpected, “undocumented” bonus search feature. I have to agree with Jeremy that the Word Bank is going to be the hot spot on the site.

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