PDF Mania!

As announced in our October podcast update, we have now begun releasing PDF versions of all the notes on our site. This is a pretty time consuming process however, since in addition to there being 160 lessons worth of material, many of the pages have to be reformatted from the current “pop-up translations format” to one better suited for paper (this is especially time consuming for level 3 on, where most pages are available in 4 different formats). As new PDFs, are released they will be added to the Course Outline.

The release of PDFs allows us to create a new price plan for users who prefer to work away from their computer. They will now be able to subscribe to the podcasts and review podcasts as well as have access to all the PDFs that can be printed out and used offline. Once the PDFs for all current lessons are up to date, I can look into adding them to the Premium feed for future lessons.

UPDATE: The PDFs for Level 1 are now all available. You may have also noticed transcripts in Spanish available for the first few lessons. As time permits, we will be adding more of these for later lessons.

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  1. Hans-Peter

    Hello Adam, the PDFs with Chinese characters (Trad/simp) are not displayed correctly on a Mac with “Preview”. The Chinese characters are scrambled. Only with the Adobe Reader 8 for Mac the characters are displayed correctly. Not a big thing, only a hint for all Mac users.

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