Mastering Chinese and Youtube Fame

Lamin’s Chinese Learning Journey in Taiwan

Lamin, an expat from Gambia, shares his experience of learning Chinese in Taiwan.


Lamin, an expat from Gambia, ventured to Taiwan 11 years ago with the intention of pursuing higher education. Originally, his plan revolved around completing his studies and then returning to his homeland. However, destiny had a different course charted for him. The enchanting blend of Taiwan’s weather and lifestyle captivated Lamin, ultimately influencing his decision to make this vibrant island his new home.

Upon his arrival in Taiwan, Lamin embarked on his academic journey, aiming to broaden his knowledge and skills. Little did he know that the scenic beauty and cultural richness of Taiwan would leave an indelible mark on his heart, altering his future plans significantly.

  • 11 years back, Lamin crossed borders to Taiwan, driven by academic ambitions.
  • Initially, his roadmap included completing his education and heading back to Gambia.
  • However, the allure of Taiwan’s climate and lifestyle prompted a change of heart.

The decision to stay in Taiwan was not an easy one for him, as it meant embracing a new way of life far from his familiar roots. Nevertheless, the warmth of Taiwanese hospitality and the endless possibilities that Taiwan offered fueled his resolve to build a life there.

With each passing day, Taiwan became more than just a temporary stop in Lamin’s life; it transformed into a place he proudly called home. The blend of traditional values and modern conveniences in Taiwan provided him with a unique sense of belonging and contentment.

As he settled into his new chapter in Taiwan, he not only found academic success but also discovered a deeper connection with the local culture and communities. The decision to extend his stay in Taiwan beyond academics was a testament to the lasting impression the island had made on him.


Learning Chinese

Lamin’s journey in learning Chinese began with mandatory classes during his English program.

Like many language learners, he faced challenges, particularly in reading and writing, largely due to time constraints. Juggling academic commitments and adapting to a new environment made it difficult for him to dedicate sufficient time to mastering these aspects of the language.

However, his determination to improve his Chinese skills led him to seek different avenues for practice. One significant factor that facilitated his linguistic development was the frequent interactions he had with Taiwanese friends and his girlfriend. Through daily conversations and socializing, hi proficiency in listening and speaking Chinese steadily increased.

Recently, he decided to take his language learning a step further by delving into bopomofo, a phonetic script used in Taiwan. By incorporating bopomofo into his studies, he aims to enhance his writing abilities and further expand his language proficiency.

One of his primary objectives in learning Chinese is to gain the ability to read official documents, menus, and communicate independently in various real-life situations. He envisions a future where he can navigate through everyday tasks with ease and effectively engage in both formal and informal discussions in Mandarin.

As a content creator on YouTube, Lamin’s language skills play a crucial role in his work. His channels focus on nature and interviews, requiring him to speak Chinese fluently in his nature videos and accurately translate and respond to viewer comments. This interaction with his audience not only hones his language abilities but also deepens his connection with viewers.

Reflecting on his language learning journey, Lamin acknowledges that he could have benefitted from giving more attention to his Chinese studies earlier on. He emphasizes the value of patience and dedication in the process of mastering a new language. Lamin’s experience serves as a testament to the transformative power of consistent practice and a positive attitude towards language learning.



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