Lessons 148~117 Updated

As the title says, over the past few weeks, we have updated lessons 148 down to lessons 117 on the site, so feel free to listen them again for review. If you notice any transcripts or online content that doesn’t match up with the new lessons, please let me know.

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  1. Gilberto Lacchia

    Hi Adam!

    I have followed the course until Level 4. I have a suggestion for the Podcast reviews.

    The reviews that I have listened to up to now have the following structure:

    [Dialogue] + [sentence analysis]

    I often listen to the reviews while riding my bicycle so I would appreciate the following structure

    [Dialogue] + [sentence analysis] + [Dialogue]

    After the analysis I would like to hear the dialogue again and it is not so convenient to handle my iPod while riding.

    I do not think that this would increase too much the MP3 file size.

    Would it be possible?

    Thank you


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