Learn Chinese Insights Podcast Episode 046: Karen

In this episode, I interview Karen Chung, an American who has lived in Taiwan for 40 years.

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Listen to find out:

  • What brought her to Taiwan
  • What Taiwan was like in the 70s
  • Why studying in university is not enough to learn Chinese
  • What mistakes she made in Chinese early on
  • Why she began to worry about her English level, more than her Chinese
  • Her experience teaching Chinese at the University of Hawaii
  • The number one mistake foreigners make when learning Chinese
  • The proper way to learn Chinese tones
  • The importance of using proper tones beyond just being understood
  • Her experience learning characters
  • Why she prefers pinyin over zhuyin
  • Common mistakes that foreigners make when learning Chinese
  • What she recommends you do with your teacher / language exchange partner
  • The benefits of being able to speak Chinese at a higher level
  • Her advice on raising kids in Taiwan
  • Her advice on improving English education in Taiwan

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