Learn Chinese Insights Podcast Episode 040: Ed Gonzalez

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In this episode, I interview Ed Gonzalez, a Mexican-Canadian restaurant owner in Taipei, Taiwan.

Listen to this episode to find out:

– What brought Eddy to Taiwan?
– About his initial journey learning Chinese
– His experience after briefly goes to Chinese school
– How he has benefitted from learning zhuyin / bo-po-mo-fo
– The benefit of being able to speak Chinese in Taiwan
– About Eddy’s podcast and how that helps him learn Chinese
– How he learned slang Chinese that isn’t taught in textbooks
– How he has fun with Chinese and how he uses it in public settings
– The technology he finds helpful for translating Chinese
– How he learns Chinese from reading subtitles
– What he would have done differently if he could go back and learn Chinese again

Follow Eddy on his podcast or visit his restaurant.

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