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I’m happy to announce that we now offer 2 flashcard solutions for iPod users:

1. Chinese Flashcards for iPhone and iPod Touch users

2. Our new flashcard sets for standard iPods and MP3 players with screens (see below):

The new sets can be purchased by level (60 lessons). Each set is available in simplified or traditional characters and features all the new vocabulary for that level. The sets currently available are:

Level 1 – 271 cards
Level 2 – 208 cards
Level 3 – 265 cards
Level 4 – 310 cards

Here is what a sample card looks like:

On top, you can see the Chinese characters. At the bottom you can see the pinyin pronunciation. When listening, you first hear the Chinese pronunciation (male voice) followed by a pause, then the English translation followed by the Chinese pronunciation again (female voice). Use the playlist feature in iTunes to create your own sets. The cards can be sorted by lesson number so you can choose how many cards you want to work with and only place those in your playlist, until you have learned them all. You can also use your iPod’s shuffle feature to randomize the order they are played in.

These cards can be used in a number of ways to build up your vocabulary and character recognition skills:

Method 1: View the flashcard and try to come up with the meaning on your own. Repeat after the native speaker before confirming your understanding by listening to the English translation.

Method 2: Listen to the Chinese pronunciation first, then visualize what the Chinese character looks like before looking at the screen to see if you were correct.

Method 3: Turn off the audio and just view the characters. Use your finger to cover the pinyin on screen, and try to come up with your own pronunciation. Then uncover the pinyin to see if you were right.

Method 4: Use just for pronunciation practice. Let the playlist run and keep repeating after the speakers. Great for in the car or for other passive learning occasions.

Method 5: Let it run in the background for an even more passive listening experience. Fall asleep to it and let your subconscious do the learning for you.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Try out a sample set from level 1. If you like the concept, you can purchase other sets and let me know how YOU use them!

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  1. Hi again Gilberto,

    I’ve tried out the flashcards on an iPhone and iPod Video and haven’t had any problems viewing them. Another user said he tried them on his iPod Classic with no problems either. Do you have access to any other iPods that you can try it out on? I’m wondering if this problem is unique to your particular version.



  2. Hi Bert,

    The flashcard apps are standalone products that work directly on iPhone type devices. There is no additional set up required as it includes all the required content.

    The zip files are a separate set of MP3 files that you can load up on your iPod / iPhone device through iTunes. You can then create playlists based around lessons and choose whether to study using the Chinese character album art, or by listening to them alone.

    Please email me if you would like more detailed instructions on either format.

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