General Updates

The Word Bank should be up to date for Level 2 (lessons 61 on).  I’ll slowly start adding level 1 lessons.  The complete functionality will of course be felt when it’s completely up to date with all lessons but hopefully you can still find it useful now.  Once it’s up to date, I will add cross links to the transcripts allowing you to click on a word in the transcript and have it search the word bank for you.
The Flashcard program is also up to date with the latest lessons.  I was trying to hook it up to the Word bank so that it can automatically be updated.  However, since each lesson only has a few new vocabulary items rather than having each lesson with its own quiz with only a few questions I’ve decided to continue to manually update it – combining multiple lessons into quizzes so that most of the questions are new.

If you notice any typos or bugs in the above, please let me know.

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