Flashcards and other new tools…

I’m happy to say that the Flashcard program is now up to date with almost all lessons in all 5 modes for Premium subscribers.  Since each quiz has 10 questions and most lessons only introduce a few words at a time, some lessons are combined into one quiz.  Those quizzes with less than ten questions randomly pick questions from earlier lessons to make sure you’re up to date.  If you notice any errors or missing sound files or anything, please let me know.

Now that the flashcard program is up to date, I have begun work on another new tool to help access / consolidate all the material you’ve been learning.  Details will be relieved as they are available.

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  1. I’ve discovered something about the flashcards. Mice and I don’t get on well, and I find it a nuisance to be running the mouse so far back and forth all the time, especially when I get some speed up. Well, that’s not necessary, it works with the keyboard too!

    Press the TAB key and watch the blue halo move from button to button. If you go too far, you can Shift-TAB to go backwards. When the right answer has the blue ring against it, press the space bar, it works like a mouse click. Then tab on over to the submit button, press the space bar on it, and you’re on to the next question. Four quick tabs in a row will put the blue ring onto the answer section of the new question.

    Careful, don’t press the About button, you won’t be able to get back to the game from there.

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