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As mentioned in the latest podcast update, a new export page has been added. Previously, an export function was added to the flashcard page. However, since this seems to be a popular feature, it has now earned its own separate page. It has also been improved to support multiple formats.

If you have other requests, do let me know.

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  1. Michel Lamontagne

    When I first saw the new export page, I didn’t realize how valuable it could be. Last night, I had the good idea to export all the vocabulary of lessons 1-99 and 100-188, and then the sentences (1-99 and 100-188). I opened the documents in Excel and reformat them (fonts, colums size…). Now, when I need some words in chinese and pinyin, and the definitions, for my vocabulary lists or my flash cards, I just have to make a search, and then copy and paste. I can even find some examples of sentences wich use the words I’m studying. Wow. That’s a big plus for me. Thanks a lot.

    michel lamontagne

  2. Hi Adam,

    This is a brilliant feature and very useful for creating flashcards using the various flashcard creating software out there. I would like to make one minor suggestion. It would be useful if you could provide the option to extract the lesson number from which the characters, words or phrases appear then it would make it easier to prefer back to the lesson(s).

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